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Actual speed you are driving.
Lady Quapp
It would be so helpful if there was a way to see exactly how fast you are driving at any given time.
That information is available. See Help:

"The GPS pane displays current information from your GPS device that includes:
  • The speed at which you are traveling.
  • Your latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • The last time your position was updated.
  • Your compass heading.
  • A bar graph that indicates the strength of the signals from the GPS satellites (four bars indicate the strongest signal, no bars indicate that no satellite information is being received)."
Lady Quapp
I was hoping there was a little icon somewhere for it so I don't have to leave that pane open. Thanks for answering *smiles*
Cool idea but sadly "no."
There is a free program offered by the same author of "XPort" (a familiar virtual port program, refered to often on this forum.) It is called "Compass." Compass has lots of features, all of those on the GPS frame - including a speedometer.

I have installed Compass to accomplish the very same thing that you are requesting. I open both programs and resize them to allow veiwing of both, simutaneously.

Here is a link to my former thread discussing the idea:
Be sure to check out the screen shot.

If you would like the custom Compass screen that I built, I would be glad to get it to you.
Lady Quapp
Thank you so very much. Yes, I would love to see custom Compass screen you have built. Again, thank you *smiles*

I looked at your earlier thread and cannot find a link to XPort. Pleae send me the link. Thanks *smiles*

Have you read the entire thread link that I listed in my first reply? If not, please do. You will find in it a thumb nail screen shot. Click on it to open it.

You will see Streets and Trips with my Compass panel at the bottom. The lettering on the Compass panel will appear to be blurred. However, it is very clear when running on your actual computer screen.

What I can provide to you is the Compass background screen. You will then need to configure the placement of the Compass data to appear in the proper area on the background screen. I can also provide you with the placement coordinates to make this easier. Compass has been updated since the version that I am using, so there may be some slight differences.

Please also research "XPort" and "Compass" on the internet. Once you are sure that you want to download and use these (free) programs, let me know. I will then put together the Compass background screen information for you.

I would be pleased to do this for you. The members of this forum have been so gracious to me that the least I can do is to help someone else. However, this will take a good bit of work on my part. So, you need to be very sure that this is something you are going to use.

I look forward to your reply.
Lady Quapp
Thank you so very much. I have forwarded this information to my spouse who is truck driver. Appreciate your time and effort in this matter *smiles*
Marvin Hlavac
Lady Quapp, the new 2013 version of Streets & Trips now has the feature you requested. You can now see your speed even when the GPS pane is closed, and even when you are in the full screen navigation mode.

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