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Mac version of Streets & Trips
What I would REALLY like to see as far as Streets & Trips is concerned is a version that can run directly under Mac OS X!

I don't think it would be that difficult now that Apple has long since switched over to Intel CPUs and dropped OS support for the previous PowerPC CPUs.

That and the fact Microsoft ALREADY makes a Mac version of the Office suite...

Hey Larry - hint hint!!!

(yeah, I know you can't even comment on this either way)
Marvin Hlavac
LineChaser, looking at the statistics for laptopgpsworld.com, last month (July 2010), people found this website though 41,290 different keyphrases used on search engines.

"streets and trips for mac"
was the #41 most popular search term for the month. So I think there is some interest for Streets & Trips in the Mac user community. But that may not be enough for Microsoft to go that route.

It would be cool to see Larry & Gladwin attend Macworld, and other Mac shows, promoting a Mac version of Microsoft Streets & Trips.
...and then there is the iPad version...
In the meantime, may be you may use any kind of pc virtualization software for the mac to install a copy of s&t.

I know that S&T can run inside a virtualization software cause i have tried it myself under windows...
Mr. Moonlight - I already do use VMWare Fusion to do that.
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