Streets & Trips route to Garmin GPS
I have downloaded the trial version of Streets and Trips 2010. I established a route, and then tried to download it to my Garmin Nuvi 760. The route does not download, only the points on the route.

What am I doing wrong? Will it only post the route if I purchase Streets & Trips 2010?
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You're doing nothing wrong. That's just how the feature works in S&T 2010.

Basically, the GPX standard is a mess, and it hasn't been updated for years. Essentially, Streets & Trips 2010 is (mis)interpreting the GPX standard in the same way that Garmin does -- but Microsoft didn't implement the Garmin extensions to GPX.

We had some discussion on this topic sometime ago, with technical details if you're interested: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2813-i-expecting-more-new-gps-export-feature#post21295
I don't think this is what was being requested. S&T 2010 can send the route to a Garmin capable of saving routes (as the 760) rather than just waypoints. One way is to Export the route to GPx (Data - Export to GPX), save the result and copy it to the correct folder on the Garmin. Of course the Garmin will recalculate the route using the stops listed but the result will be similar.

There was a thread about this some time ago

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