How to find more points of interest in Streets & Trips?
I just got my Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS. When I type in (place or address) a large town in Quebec like Montreal and click on (find nearby place) with a radius of 50 miles and click on (shopping) with a radius of 50 miles all I get is 29 locations. There should be at least 129. If I type Sherbrooke in (place or address) and do the same I get none.

Any solution?

Note: I spend 2 hours on the Phone with Microsoft rep. He didn't know where Montreal was...

29? I get 59.

The built-in POI data base is far from perfect. I don't even know what "Shopping" means in this context. It looks to be biased towards large shopping malls. Nor do I know what your definition of "Shopping" is.

Therefore, I would only use this as a rough guide, not as a substitute for the Yellow Pages. If there is something more specific you are looking for, one of the POI sites (www.POI-factory.com, for example) might have some useful additions to your S&T 2010.
Marvin Hlavac
Actually, instead of searching points of interest at various web sites, if you have access to the Internet you may simply search a huge POI database right from within Streets & Trips. The built-in 'Find nearby places' database is limited, but the 'Live search' may be just what you want.


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Thank You for the info

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