Updating MapSource & Garmin Mobile PC

I haven't had to use my laptop with older versions of Mapsource and MobilePC for sometime and now looking to do some updating/upgrading.

Firstly, I understand from back then that Mapsource 6.14.1 had issues with being compatible with MobilePC, I think that I had to downgrade Mapsource v6.13.7. and what I remember the was a whole lot of grief trying to get everything in order before i finally got it working correctly.

With, I believe the current version of Mapsource being 6.16.2 (which requires XP Svc pk 3), are there any issues with compatibility with Garmin Mobile PC? If not, could someone recommend what version of Mapsource and GMPC to use .

Also, is the new release 2011 maps compatible with GMPC ? I am looking at purchasing both the OZ and EU 2011 versions, if they are usable on GMPC.

I would still be using my Visiontec VGPS-700 Bluetooth receiver, which has worked fine in the past (GPSGate etc)

Many Thanks

The latest version of MapSource works fine with Mobile PC as has every version since the one you mentioned. It was a one time thing.

The latest version of Mobile PC - 5.00.70 - has been shown to have some issues with crashing. If you have a source of other versions, stick with 5.00.60 or whatever you are using now.

You should not need to use GPS Gate with your BT GPS device. The software version of Mobile PC works fine with most regular GPS devices, BT or not.

You can not transfer locked maps from MapSource to Mobile PC even if you have unlocked them. It will only accept non-lockable maps. I am sure the 2 you mentioned do not fit into that category.

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