Is There Anyone From the Dallas Fort Worth Texas Area?
Gladwin and I are excited to be attending the 2010 SOUTHWEST RV SUPERSHOW at Dallas Market Hall is September 16-19 2010.

For details check out the official website: Southwest RV Supershow 2010 | Dallas Market Hall | Sep 16-19

If you are from the DFW area or will be in the area during this time, we invite you to come and meet with us and bring your questions and comments. We love to meet all the Streets & Trips fans.

We will have a vendor booth (booth number TBD) and will be handing out 60 day trial DVDs, giving demonstrations of the software, answering your great questions and collecting feedback to take back to the product team.

Well? Who's coming?
The first thing I did when I arrived in Dallas was to grab a cheesesteak at one of the locations in forum member Spadesflush's Philly Cheesesteak pushpin collection (included in the POI Megafile). It was great of course and I would have never found it had I not had the POI megafile running.

The RV show started today and although the booth traffic was a bit light I still met some great folks and many avid Streets & Trips users.

I did an impromptu seminar for about 220-30 people this afternoon and will do another at 4pm tomorrow.
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Marvin Hlavac
Greetings to everyone at the 2010 Southwest RV SuperShow!
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