Where to buy USA maps for PC Navigator?
I need to know where to get USA maps (only have European maps, but need the North American maps).

Have been googling with no success!

Thanks in advance!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi locs4dayz, and welcome to the forums.

If I recall correctly, all maps (Europe, North America, etc) may actually be included on the installation DVD. If that's the case, you just need to purchase the activation code for the geographical area you desire.

Alternatively, buy the current version of PC Navigator 10 to get the freshest map data available. You may purchase it directly from mapfactor.com / mapfactor.cz, or from directions.ltd.uk. There may also be some distributors who carry the product.
Where do I buy the activation code for USA. The map is there, but I can't zoom in to street level, just city level. Or does the program gather street details from the GPS unit. (Waiting on a replacement GPS, just thought I should be able to zoom in to street level like I can in the European map)?
I purchased Navigator 10 in February with the USA maps. The maps don't seem complete and are lacking in lots of details. Is there any way to get a later version of the USA map that might be more complete?

Also, is there a way to get the nice 3D navigation display when no navigation is taking place. When not in nav mode, all you get is a 2D screen with almost no information on it. That's why I purchased Navigator 10 in the first place.
Hi, for paid version please contact support@mapfactor.com
I have Mapfactor 10, and have found the maps to be lacking in detail. Also, I have found streets and other details are missing from the maps. I recently purchased iGuidance, and the maps are far more complete.

I just don't think the TeleAtlas maps for the US are very good. They seem to be much better in Europe. The NavTeq maps are what the US nav software packages use.

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