Streets & Trips 2008 locks up
I have Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 running on a Dell laptop with Vista Home Premium. I have 2 gigs of RAM. With no other applications running I use S&T in my motorhome to navigate as I drive (my wife is the navigator). We live in the motorhome and use the software and GPS to navigate as we drive around the country. I have two things that happen.

First, and most annoying, is if I deviate from the planned route to stop for gas or stop at a visitors information area the program throws up a message that the program is going to close. We then have to restart the program. The program will recalculate just fine if the route is changed manually. The only time that it complains is when the GPS tells it that it is off route and needs to recalculate. By the way, the GPS is the one that came with the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software but that did not help. I have downgraded to S&T 2007 and it recalculates just fine, but 2007 does not have the data and features that we like in 2008.

The other problem is probably a program bug. I have the program screen open so that I have the map on the right and on the left there is a pane for the GPS pane or the routing pane. This area on the left can be empty also. If I click on the "X" to close this pane so that the map would fill the entire width of the page then the program just closes. There is no warning or anything. It just crashes. If I change it so that the GPS pane is open (for example) and then his the "X" it will close just fine. My work around is obviously to open another pane and then close it if I want the map to display full width.

Does anyone have any ideas that would help me? Is my only solution to move to another program? I cannot navigate through big cities, etc. with the program crashing all the time.
Marvin Hlavac
In another thread you mentioned: "I think it worked at first but not for very long". Do you remember if by any chance a new printer driver might have been installed on the laptop just before the issue started? Similar issues in the past were sometimes associated with conflict with Canon, HP and some other printer drivers. Your issue may not necessarily be related to a printer, but since I cannot think of anything better right now I think I would try to uninstall any printer driver you may have installed, or update the printer driver to a new version. Alternatively, I think you could achieve the same if you set another printer as your default printer.

Hmm, and now you will reply by saying that your laptop has never been connected to any printer .
I uninstalled S&T version 2007 and 2008 and then deleted any reference to it in the registry. I also deleted the template .stt file. Then I reinstalled version 2007 and tested it and then installed version 2008. I then plotted a route in 2008 and then drove that route. The program was automatically recalculating the route (or trying to) previously and now does not do that without user input (push F3). The good news is that it is not locking up when deviating from the planned route. Yea! I will be parked for a month so it will be a while before I can test it again but I think that I have if working again.
Marvin Hlavac
I suspect your Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 is not recalculating only because you haven't tested it for too long, and probable you haven't deviated from the route too far. S&T 08 doesn't recalculate instantly, sometimes we need to be quite far for it to recalculate. But it seems like you have fixed the crashing problem! That's great! Let's hope it will stay like that.

Let us know if S&T 08 really doesn't recalculate even when you are quite far from route. I'm very curious. I think several people wish to find some way to disable the automatic route recalculation (as they expressed in this poll: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/357-no-more-automat-rerouting ).
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