GPS Software for our Panasonic Toughbook
We are searching for GPS software for our Toughbook to use on our trip this weekend. I just found the iGuidance software and thought it sounded good, but don't have any clue if it's better then the others.

We have DeLorme Topo 7 and are looking to upgrade to Topo 9. And need software for the BU-353 GPS so we figured Delorme Street USA 2010 would be good, but heard and read reviews stating that Microsoft City & Streets is a better program. Then in my research so far came upon this program iGuidance and was wondering which one people recommended more this one or Microsoft City & Streets or Delorme Street Atlas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we would like to have it by this Thursday.

We look forward to hearing any and all responses. Have a blessed day/night.

Anton & Snow
If you want it by Thursday, download the free trial of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 today. It will work fine with your GPS and you can probably master the basics before your trip. I understand iGuidance is in the thoes of an upgrade so you may want to wait awhile before considering it.

I have used Streets & Trips, Delorme and iGuidance. I like S&T much, much better. It is my favorite. About