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Marvin Hlavac
I just received email from Tomas from Directions LTD / MapFactor, announcing their free Navigator software which includes map data by Open Street Map.

They continue to market their paid software, which is PC Navigator - currently at version #10. In my email reply to him, I asked Tomas if the free version includes the same feature-set as the current PC Navigator 10. In the mean time I'm guessing it does, or at least most of it is the same. I suspect the hope is that if people like the free version, and if they desire better map data, they may end up buying the paid version.

PC Navigator FREE

Here's a portion of the email:

Navigator FREE

MapFactor is proud to announce the hottest news in the navigation industry – MapFactor Navigator FREE.
MapFactor Navigator FREE is an Open Street Map (www.openstreetmap.org) based free turn-by-turn GPS navigation for Windows and Windows Mobile devices and is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 licence.
Open Street Map data is added and updated continuously by volunteers from all over the world and the coverage is increasing rapidly all the time.

Open Street Map covers many countries which are not covered by commercial map data providers like TeleAtlas and Navtech.

The current version covers 27 South American, Asian and European countries and includes Great Britain, Italy and France as well as countries like Ecuador, Peru, Australia and Iraq.

Download and install Navigator FREE now to your Windows Mobile Smart Phones, Notebooks or Netbooks from http://navigatorfree.mapfactor.com. Installation is quick and simple.

MapFactor Navigator FREE can be used freely without time restrictions and complements our range of professional navigation solutions for trucks and cars. These include height, width and weight restrictions for large vehicles, development tools for integrators and large screen dedicated appliances.
Software is identical, apart from installation, but some features will not work because attributes are not available in OSM (e.g. Truck attributes).

More countries will be available as we process them.
Marvin Hlavac
Tomas, welcome to the forums, and thanks for the good news!

Will you be posting a review of the app the way you do for some others?
Marvin Hlavac
SpadesFlush, version 8 is the last one we have reviewed, and it did cross my mind that this would be a good opportunity to review the version 10 software, since the features are the same, just the map data differs. I will try to find the time to look at it, even though there doesn't yet appear to be North American maps for this at the moment.

But, yes, I would like a review of this product posted here at the site. If no one else does it before me, I will eventually do it.

Is there a SDK available for this?

Ie so we can make plugins for CarPC Front End software, rather than having to embed it.

<edit> SDK Question & Answer Moved to http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3870-sdk-pc-navigator </edit>
Am I missing something? Are there no Canadian maps available for this?
Not yet, but watch this space
Will there be any United States Maps? (Chicago area in particular)
Yes, but I cannot say when - we try hard to process map data, but it is not as easy as one would think.
I downloaded the installer for the free version, used it to install the free version, but when I run it it aborts saying that I must install a map first. That's reasonable, but there is no hint as to how I might achieve this. I went to openstreetmap.org and selected an area on the map there and exported it, but still no wiser as to how I might get Navigator to read it. I'm off the rails somewhere and any help would be appreciated!
You do it the same way as installing PC Navigator - open Setup Utilities, select PC Navigator and then install data.
That was quick Tomas! Thanks. I can see how to get there now. I was thrown by the menu that appears when you select Setup Utility. You have to click on "Install Navigator", which since I had already installed it I didn't think to click that. Now I'm off to play.

Have a good evening!

I just downloaded the software, and it looks great. I'm kinda puzzled, though, that it doesn't seem to be able to find smaller roads?

For example, I live in Denmark, the city of Ringsted and on the streeet Rusgårds Bakke. This road is visible (and searchable) on openstreetmap.org, but not in PC Navigator?

I tried doing a navigation to a similar address; my fathers (he lives on a small country road as well) - it didn't find that either.

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm going to load this to give it a try, thanks.

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