How to install Streets & Trips on my Mac using Parallels?
I tried to install Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 on my mac book with 10.5 OSX Leoppard. It tries to install and then abruptly ends. I noticed some read and write deal and Microsoft Office Access Engine something, which I know is not a program in the Microsoft Office for Mac version I have.

What can I do to fix this and get this installed? I have seen other articles online showing guys that claim they are using the program with Parallels. I need some help?

Just to be sure - you do have antivirus, anti-spyware etc. in place on the virtual machine? You've run Disk cleanup ahead of time to ensure space is available in the virtual hard drive, right? Remember, Windows is still Windows even if running on a Mac!

Another thing worth asking - do you suspend / resume the virtual machine? If you are, I would VERY much recommend just starting / shutting down Windows like it was a normal PC instead. It seems that feature (suspend / resume) is more trouble than it's worth.
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