How to transfer custom pushpin icons / symbols to your existing map
Microsoft Streets and Trips gives you the ability to import custom pushpin icons so you are not restricted to the 350 included in the software.

The help documentation give you steps on how to create your own.

I just updated my ST2010_CustomIcons.est file to make the job of transfering custom pushpin icons into your existing map a whole lot easier.
  1. Download the free ST2010_CustomIcons.est file and double click on it to open it in S&T 2010. I'll call this the source map.
  2. Open up any other map that needs to new custom icons (target map).
  3. click on the pushpin set name of the icons you want (ie flags) and press Ctrl+c to copy them into your clipboard.
  4. give your target map focus and press ctrl+v to paste the pushpin set onto the new map.
  5. Clean up: now you can delete the newly copied pushpin set from your target map as it just contained a bunch of icons in the ocean. The icon images will remain in the pushpin dropdown for later use.
Happy Labor / Labour Day!
Marvin Hlavac
Larry, that's a cool trick. I thought the only way to add new pushpin symbols to Streets & Trips, AutoRoute, or MapPoint was to do it one by one via Create pushpin > Import custom symbol...

I have linked this page from Tips and Tricks for Streets and Trips.

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. In the Legend & Overview pane, I selected and copied only 1 (one) pushpin set (KFC), but I think it pasted all the other symbols, too. Is this how it is supposed to work?
You picked the largest collection to transfer so many icons came with that set. You will only get the icons that it has in the collection.

I should probably divide that group into smaller subgroups to give more control but I'll save that for another time.
Marvin Hlavac
Oh, I see, you have several icons in each pushpin set. That's really a huge collection!
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