Assign pushpin symbol to import file?
Does anyone know how to assign various pushpin symbols to a list so I can import one file? For example, I need import over a thousand pushpins from Excel and each location has a "site owner". I want each of my 30 site owners to have a unique pushpin symbol. The only way I know how to do this would be to import the same file 30 times by site owner and change the symbols manually. If I could assign various pushpins in my master list then I would only have to import once. Help!
Hi Joseasaucedo,

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Unfortunately, there is no way to combine the import data wizard with a pushpin assignment. What you have suggested (doing an import for each of the 30 site owners) would be the best. You'd then just need to change the symbol in the legends and overview pane and it would change them for all the pushpins in that collection.

Having each site owner in a different pushpin set would also be nice as you could show/hide other owners and have more control over the map display than if they were all in one import.
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