Loading route to Garmin Mobile PC
max israel
Hi, can anyone tell me how I can download routes and tracks from sites like Google Earth, GPSies, or MapSource into Garmin Mobile PC?
Ken in Regina
When you have routes and/or tracks in Mapsource that you want to transfer to Mobile PC, follow the instructions starting at point 6 in this post. In other words, ignore all the stuff about getting map data ready for transfer and just follow the Transfer directions, making sure that Routes and/or Tracks are selected in the Transfer window.


There might be some other useful information in the Mobile PC FAQ sticky at the top of the index page.

Max, you can save a route in Google Earth as a KML file to you computer. Use GPS Visualizer to convert it to a GPX file that can be opened in Mapsource. Use Ken's instructions to move the route to Mobile PC.

GPS Visualizer: Convert GPS files to plain text or GPX

max israel
Thank you Ken In Regina & RJW for the speedy and helpful answers.

max israel :-)
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