Review: DeLorme Street Atlas 2010
Marvin Hlavac
The following is a brief look at the new DeLorme Street Atlas 2010, which is being released as I type this (September 14, 2009). If you are a long-time Street Atlas user, or a first-time user, please do post you comments as a reply to this review. It may help others get a better feel of what DeLorme Street Atlas is all about.

DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 USA

DeLorme Street Atlas is a trip-planning, GPS, and mapping software packed with very many features. This is good and bad. The more features a program has, the happier an advanced user will be. However, over the years I have heard many first time users say DeLorme Street Atlas has just been too complicated for them to learn. I suspect, starting with the new version of DeLorme Street Atlas 2010, this may change.

DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 can now be started (if users so choose) with an easy-to-use interface resembling that of PND's (personal navigation devices).

DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2010 - destination entry

While all the advanced trip-planning features are just few mouse-clicks away, users who opt to launch Street Atlas 2010 with the new E-Z Nav wizard will not have to deal with the steep learning curve, but rather they will be able to comfortably use Street Atlas from the day 1.

E-Z Nav wizard cannot be more intuitive than it is. After starting DeLorme Street Atlas 2010, all that needs to be done to get from where you are to your destination is to simply click (or tap) on the "Address or Location" button, and then simply type an address. In the above example all I did was I typed "113 toryork". After I paused my typing for few seconds, the program automatically populated the screen with suggested locations. The very first location was the one I expected.

Street Atlas 2010 - details

After selecting the correct destination, the new E-Z Nav wizard gave me two options: "View Map" or "Create Route". Instead of creating a route at that point, I opted to view the map first.

DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 - map view

The above overview was presented to me after clicking the "View Map" button. After about 10 seconds DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 automatically switched back to the previous screen of E-Z Wizard, where I could click (or tap) the "Create Route" button.

I liked the 10 second delay. But you may, at any time, use the red E-Z Nav button in the top-right corner of the screen to switch to the new E-Z Nav wizard.

Street Atlas 2010 - north up

After pressing the "Create Route", a map in "North Up" mode was displayed, showing my correct location in the center of the screen of my laptop.

DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2010 - rotate in direction of travel

I started to drive, and the DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 screen started to move and rotate in the direction of travel, as expected.

I'm not yet sure if any other features were added to Street Atlas in the 2010 release, but even if E-Z Nav wizard is the only change, it still is a very significant release for this product. Kudos to DeLorme for making Street Atlas now user friendly, and easier to use on computers with smaller screens, such as netbooks, and ultra-mobile computers (UMPC).

Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
I just installed 2010 on my Acer Aspire One netbook and it sure looks pretty. I installed it to default to netbook mode automatically when it runs.

I haven't done anything with it yet but it sure looks nice and seems to run just fine.

My only disappointment is the map quality in Canada. I live near Toronto and the same gross errors reported in earlier years are still present in version 2010. However, to be fair, the fact is DeLorme focuses much more on the U.S. map data quality, and even though Canada and Mexico are included, the official name of the software still remains: DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2010. But let us see what DeLorme Street Atlas 2011 brings.
Is Street Atlas 2010 any better than running TOPO 8 from Delorme? I thought Topo now had all the functionality of Street Atlas?
Marvin Hlavac
It does, but the E-Z Nav wizard is a newly introduced feature, so that would not be in the Tope 8 I don't think. Everything else you likely already have in your Topo 8 (but don't take my word for it, as I don't have Topo 8).
Marvin.....what are the advanced features in the DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 Plus (the one with the phone book) and it states the platform for Windows is Vista and or XP I have Windows 7 installed and will be using Windows 7 on all my machines when the October 22 date arrives with windows 7 full version.

Marvin Hlavac
Bill, the "Plus" version of DeLorme Street Atlas 2010, in addition to all the features of the "basic" version, includes the following features:
  • 150 million residential and business searchable phone listings located on maps
  • XData import for geo-locating Excel, ACT!, and other data formats
  • Large-format printing
  • Embed photos, diagrams, and Web URLs within the maps
Ken in Regina
Bill, if you can make something work on Vista it's highly likely it'll be happy in Windows 7. If I get a chance this weekend I'll install Street Atlas 2010 on my shop computer. It's running Windows 7.

Marvin Hlavac
From the above posted press release:

DeLorme Releases Street Atlas USA 2010 with Dynamic On-the-Go Routing Wizard
Full-featured Mapping, Routing, and GPS Navigation Software Includes over 300,000 Road Updates; Supports Netbooks and Windows 7.
Windows 7 is supported
Ken in Regina
Thanks Marvin. That saves me some time. I don't do much navigating in my workshop. :rofl"

The ez-nav feature to easily find things like food and gas is why I just ordered Street Atlas 2010. Seems it is always one step ahead of Topo. Now, if they had offered the bundle again, would have bought both again.
Ken in Regina
I'm installing DeLorme Street Atlas 2010 on my netbook (Acer Aspire One 8.9") and I've discovered something that just really annoys me. On the registration screen you cannot pick "Canada" as a country. The Country dropdown list includes about a zillion countries from around the world but NOT Canada?

What's that about?!!!

It's easy enough to uncheck the box so it won't try to register online and you don't have to fill in that stuff. But I have to say that DeLorme is already two strikes down in my books before the installation is even done!!

Hmm, I didn't notice Canada was missing. Are you sure it isn't directly below US?

What annoys me is the warning you get when your standard is not set as (English)US in Windows regional settings.

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Yes, there it is. That is actually one thing I like about Street Atlas. You don't have to hunt for the Canada entry.

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Ken in Regina
Well there's my mistake. The list is alphabetical so I scrolled to the "C"s. How stupid am I???

Since it is only for the US and Canada, the liklihood is you are going to be in one of them. So, Why not put them at the top. You wouldn't be able to find US alphabetically either.

Does anyone know where the "optimize stops" function is in Street Atlas 2010, or doesn't this exist? I could put 50 stops in my old Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 and it would automatically re-arrange the order of the stops between my start and finish points to produce the most efficient driving route. I can't get Street Atlas 2010 to do this. Whatever order you put the stops in is the order in which it calculates the route, so you end up backtracking.
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