Review: DeLorme Street Atlas 2010
Is the Delorme Street Atlas Cdn. routing any good ?
I have heard more than a few comments about it.
It sounds like chosen routes are just not logical.
It appears that the graphics are impressive, is feature rich, ready to go for
netbooks and Windows 7.
The cosmetics will sell it for sure, but if it can't route properly, it belongs
in the trash !
Maybe Delorme needs to compete with S&T and start offering a trial version.
Marvin Hlavac
Yeah, my #1 wish would be for DeLorme Street Atlas to use Navteq data. The current DeLorme's map data could have been good enough 10 years ago (at least here in Canada), but these days users ask for more.

For example major highways around here don't show multiple lanes (express lanes, collector lanes), exit ramps that have never existed, and never will exist, are shown on the map(!), existing ramps may be missing, etc.

This may be OK for a U.S. user who comes to Canada once in a blue moon, but a person who lives in Toronto will not want to use it on a daily bases for work.

I love the features of Street Atlas, I love the undeniable fact that DeLorme keeps improving the product every year, but I have always wondered how much better Street Atlas could have been with Navteq map data.
Great thread, should I run out and get SA 2010 or stay with '08?
Marvin Hlavac
If you like the new navigation mode added in version 2009, and if you like the new E-Z Nav wizard added in version 2010, then I'd say buy it.

Even though I have SA2010 I will not be using it for the above mentioned map quality issue in Canada , but if the map quality was not an issue in my geographical area, I would definitely love upgrading from 2008 to 2009 and now to 2010.
Ken in Regina
I'm ambivalent about the DeLorme maps in Canada.

On the positive side they have a lot of geographic detail that has never been in Navteq. And might never be. Rivers, lakes and so on. They also have a surprising amount of coverage of secondary roads. I'm really impressed, at least in some of the places I've looked in western Canada.

On the other hand I did a route from Regina to Red Deer and it was pretty wierd. Lots of twists and turns over secondary roads. It took two vias to force it to take a sensible route (one of three you would most likely expect). I tried "quickest" routing and "shortest" routing and got the same results with both.

So, as Marvin said, I wouldn't trust it for routing. Oh, it will get you there. And if you like seeing new places it might just be the thing for you. But if you would rather travel on a fairly direct route over primary highways you might be disappointed.

Surprisingly, a route I planned from Ladysmith to Argenta in BC only had one error. And it was an error common to Navteq as well. I guess the problem is in how often they update their map data in remote areas (such as Canada).

Up until 2 years ago, Navteq was next to useless in my neck of the woods. In one fell swoop, they surpassed Delorme and DMTI. But I haven't seen a change since then. Maybe there is hope Delorme will eventually catch up.

I hate to declare any 'hands down' winners in this debate.
If S&T updated their graphics, at least for me, they would be a clear
winner. Surprised they didn't do that for the 2010 version. Sales must
be too good to put the work and $$$ into it.
Thanks everybody, for your honest opinions !

Delorme and Microsoft, you both have work to do.

Has anyone used SA 2010 with a Pocket PC? I currently use TomTom on my HP rx5915 but is has been discontinued. I've been a long time user of SA but have been using TomTom on the PPC in the car and motorcycle for about 5 years.

The export to handheld function in SA 2007 (my current version) makes it hard to export large areas (which I need). In reality, I would like to just export the entire map to my PPC (like my TomTom, I have the space on the PPC).

So, has anyone tried handheld export? Any thoughts?

I am also thinking about just going to a tablet netbook, any thoughts?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi sailingjazz, I haven't tried the export feature myself, but if you are thinking of using Street Atlas on a tablet PC or a netbook, then yes, the last two versions, 2009 and 2010, are easier then ever before to use even on smaller screens.

All the new glitz on the surface only continues to mask the poor data that Delorme continues to sell.

I use '08 extensively and have looked at '09. There are still Interstates that are missing from the database even though they have been open for over 5 years. The reliability of the location of POI's and even street addresses is poor.

I know glitz sells new versions but, as far as I'm concerned I'll stay with '08 till I see improvement in the database.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by sailingjazz
So, has anyone tried handheld export? Any thoughts?
I did an export from 2010 for my Palm yesterday. It's still no picnic to select large areas. The largest grid size is 1.5 degrees. I don't recall what it was for earlier versions.

The worst part is how long it takes to compile the map for transfer to the handheld. I did less than half of two Canadian provinces. The total area would be about equal to a little less than Texas times two.

The compilation took forever. I was astonished at how long it took because the resulting handheld map file was only about 15MB.

I've done Garmin maps for my handheld with MapSource that included all of North America, all of Canada from another roadmap product and a significant amount of topographical mapping in western Canada. And the compilation to prepare the maps for transfer took about the same amount of time as the little one I did in SA 2010.

I haven't had a chance to check out how well the mobile version works on my handheld yet. It's a Garmin iQue 3600 (Palm OS) that has older GPS technology in it. It won't get a fix in the house and I haven't had it outside since loading the map.

Originally Posted by griffin6002
Does anyone know where the "optimize stops" function is in Street Atlas 2010, or doesn't this exist? I could put 50 stops in my old Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 and it would automatically re-arrange the order of the stops between my start and finish points to produce the most efficient driving route. I can't get Street Atlas 2010 to do this. Whatever order you put the stops in is the order in which it calculates the route, so you end up backtracking.
Delorme claims that inserting stops instead of adding them will result in an optimized route. However, that is not true when creating a route with many stops. All it does is look for the nearest two stops and places the new stop between those two. This results in a route that is poorly optimized if you have a lot of stops. I've contacted them many times about this and there has been no fix even though they acknowledge that it doesn't work properly.
Ken and Marvin

Thanks for the response. I appreciate your help.

If the handheld export is anything like SA 2007, it borders on useless for the travel I do. I am thinking about a UMPC tablet but, now have concerns regarding the accuracy of the Delorme data. I have not noticed problems with the data in the past, but have not been using SA 2007 much since getting Tom Tom on the Rx5915. Now the data on the TomTom Navigator 6 is getting obsolete because they have obited that product.

So, I'm just trying to figure out what to do next. I would like to continue to use the rx5915 but have not found a navigation software that I like. I'm also trying to balance the size / cost of a netbook that would work for me. I have used DeLorme Street Atlas for a long time on the laptop before getting the rx5915. Just trying to figure out what to do next.

Marvin Hlavac
Kevin, if you are thinking going netbook, and if you are not happy with the Street Atlas map data in your area, you could try Microsoft Streets and Trips, which is a similar program. And if you think you could live without all the advanced trip planning features, you may opt for something simpler to use, such as Garmin Mobile PC, or some other PC GPS software.
Ken in Regina
Hi Kevin,

I tried the handheld version of SA 2010 on my Garmin iQue 3600 yesterday and it was a frustrating experience. It takes forever to redraw the map. And it seems like it's always needing to completely redraw the map.

On my handheld the map doesn't actually move. The vehicle position indicator moves on the map until it runs into the edge of the screen. Then the map redraws. On my iQue 3600 it takes 20 to 30 seconds(!) to redraw each time. It's not useful at all on that device.

It's raining for the next couple of days so no golf in the forecast. I might try installing the handheld software and a bit of map data on my Palm T|X and see if the redraw performance is any better.

Have you tried Garmin's Mobile XT on your rx5915? I think it's available for that device. That would make it work a lot like a Garmin Nuvi.

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