Review: DeLorme Street Atlas 2010
I have Street Atlas 2009, but my comments really apply to 2010, too.

1. Over the past several years, I have reported gross map errors in the USA. I have NEVER received any reply, and the maps were NEVER corrected - gross errors several years old are still there (in the 2009 edition).

During the entire period of my subscription to Plus (now expired) - DeLorme has made zero map or data updates available. The button in the program to download these always says none are available. I have complained to their support department three times by email and have never received any reply or even acknowledgment at all.

The data in Plus is quite old.

One has to zoom in entirely too far to see most street/hwy names/numbers.

Etc, etc, etc. I am sorry I purchased from DeLorme.

I also purchased their Earthmate GPS, and their serial emulator does not work well, and for many people does not work at all. They do not support it at all. (Of course, as far as I can tell, they do not support any of their products at all.)
James may
My question is, can you put in several routes in the route plan, I need something where I can put in 20 routes telling me where to turn, can this be done on this program?

james may
I don't know about Street Atlas, but it can be done with Microsoft's Streets and Trips.
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