iGo Netbook Travel Charger
I did a search and didn't see anything posted prior. I purchased one today at a local Office Depot store for $29.99. It comes with 4 connectors that will fit many different netbooks. It also has a USB port and comes with a wall connector in addition to a auto/air adapter making it a true travel charger. The hardware and cables feel and appear to be well built thus far.

"iGo" Netbook Travel Charger at iGo, Inc.

That certainly is a better price than listed on the site. It looks like a versatile device for the lighter load netbooks.

I purchased one a few weeks ago from the iGo website for $49.99. One review complained that the adapter tips were flimsy and tended to break. Since I already had several tips for my phone, I selected 2 Asus tips for the two additional free tips included with the purchase. I didn't know one was included in the box. The first box had tips 206,207, 212, and 401 (Asus). The second had tips 206, 207, 212, 213, 401 and 402.

When it arrived, it was missing the Auto/Air cable and the USB small device charging cable. Sales support decided to send me a complete retail package and not return the original shipment. So now I have two chargers less the two above cables.

A quick inspection of the Auto/Air cable revealed that a standard 12 volt lighter adapter to female device end would work. I had 2 or 3 in my junk drawer left from dead equipment of one kind or another. Any heavy duty cable of this type will work.

After I get the USB charging cable (prob. from Radio Shack) I will have two complete charging systems, one of which will work on airlines.

It runs much cooler than my stock charging brick from Asus. The few times I've used it charging the Asus and the phone there was no noticeable temperature increase when I added the phone. The USB cable is short, about 16". Of course, extension cables are plentiful.

I've used iGo mobile phone chargers for years. They are well built and have never failed me. Tips are available for almost every phone and many small devices like cameras, stick-on nav aids, mp3 players, etc.

In my opinion well worth the money, even at the website price. If I needed an AC/DC charger for a netbook plus other devices I would get myself to Office Depot. Thanks for the heads up on a great price, Ducati.

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