Easy Way to Zoom Directly to Your Favorite Place, Home, City or Region
Zooming to favorite places using Pushpins!
You can zoom directly to your favorite place, home, city or region by placing a pushpin OR 2 pushpins and then naming them as a pushpin set.

  1. Place a push pin at your home location.
  2. Right click on the new pushpin and select the “New data set” button.
  3. Name the new data set HOME (for instance)

Now, using the “Legend and Overview” pane, you can be in zoomed to anywhere in the country and go directly to your HOME location by right clicking on the HOME pushpin set and selecting “Zoom to selection”, your HOME will appear at a decent zoom scale in the middle of the window.

For cities or regions place two pushpins spread apart at the edges of your city or region , then name the two pushpins as one set, for instance “CHICAGO”, “ILLINOIS” or “MIDWEST” then right click on your set and go to that region.

You can also right click on the HOME pushpin set and add your home to the Route Planner.

By the way the order that the pushpin sets are displayed in the “Legend and Overview” pane is by the newest first, so if you want any one set to be at the top, just copy (or cut) and past the desired set and it will now appear on the top of the list. So you can keep your HOME set on top of the list.

The boundary pushpins can be very small or blank to cut down on map clutter, you can find the blank pushpins by right clicking on the set and showing all pushpin information.
Nice trick
Impressive! Thanks for the 411.
I guess Marvin will add this one to the tips page...
Marvin Hlavac
Done! It was added to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips minutes after VMGPS2 posted this cool trick.

Thanks for sharing!
As this tip has already been seconded, I hereby 'Third' it. Good one.
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