Can someone do a Mapsource test, please?
Ken in Regina
I just did a quick test and found out something totally bizarre. I tried selecting map segments from City Navigator North America to transfer. When I selected the maps segments with the map selector tool, the checkbox at the bottom of the Maps tab, "Include route calculation data" remains greyed out and unchecked. This happened when I tried to select segments in both City Navigator North America 2011.1 and also in 2011.2.

I tested this with Mapsource 6.16.2 and 6.13.7 with the same results.

Does anyone else see this behaviour with at least the latest two versions of City Navigator North America NT? (I've deleted all my 2010 versions so I can't check them.)

When I select map segments in Metroguide Canada v5 or City Navigator North America 2009 (non-NT), the checkbox turns black and is checked by default, just as it does normally.

This box is always grayed for NT maps. You simply can't delete routing data from NT maps.
That agrees with my experience. Maybe that was part of making them smaller.

Ken in Regina
Thanks folks. I guess I just never noticed this before with NT maps. Must be a quirk in Mapsource. Case closed.

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