Our first trip using Microsoft Streets and Trips
My wife and I decided to invest in this GPS business for the first time just before a road trip starting near Sacramento, then the farthest point was Sedona AZ, then back. We purchased a low end Garmin unit for about $120 and Microsoft Streets & Trips from Staples for $35 (with a coupon). We used a Dell laptop for S&T and mounted the Garmin on the interior rear view mirror of my '36 Chevy Coupe Street Rod.

Not sure if it caused more or less arguments, but as I do all the driving she was stuck with being the navigator. At the beginning of the trip I could hardly get her to use it. Near the end of the trip I could hardly get her nose out of it! While the laptop was a little too big for the front seat of a '36 coupe, we adapted. We used the Garmin when in a city to find a store or red box or... but we both really enjoyed the sense of geographical awareness Streets & Trips gave us out on the open road. Highly recommended here. The only problem we had was, while the Garmin ALWAYS picked up the satellite signal, S&T could go for a long time without picking it up.
Sounds like a great trip. As to S&T having problems seeing satellites, where did you locate the GPS sensor?


I know i am a little out of subject but,
here is a free addon specially usefull for S&T new users that can help ease things a little (may be your wife would appreciate also ):

S&T Keys 2010 free addon

The Garmin was mounted on the interior rear view mirror with the supplied suction mount. It Always had a signal. We placed the S&T GPS locater all over the place and certainly near the Garmin often. Even held it out the side window at times. Picking up the signal (or not) was very random and unpredictable. Generally speaking, once it connected, it stayed connected. And once it connected, it was happy to just rest on the dash near the bottom of the windscreen.

Thanks! Just took a look at it. Will play around some. We did find the "-" and "=" keys were very handy for zoom when run'n down the road.
Dash mount should be fine. I don't know which GPS it was but did you make sure the Microsft logo was on facing up?

We tried it in several different positions. Can't recall exactly though. Generally I would face it with the logo facing aft so I could glance at at the MS logo to see if it was flashing or not. I certainly remember it being in that position, and connected, for long periods of time while run'n down the road.
My Point...Exactly
Thanks for the post Fatfenders. I hear you on the Geographical awareness of Streets and Trips.

This summer I tried using only my Garmin Nuvii 255 during a quick vaca stay on Cape Cod - with a laptop Back up in the hotel room. So I downloaded all the public beaches (or what I thought were) from POI factory - analyzed on the map - and picked the one I felt best met my Wife's criteria....("the water better be warm - or I'm outta here").

Info available on the internet said you could purchase a pass to the target beach at a nearby pier. After a trek to a desolate location - the beach was right where it was supposed to be - but no pier (I don't know about you - but I always believe what I read on the internet) - and no way to buy a pass. I called the local town parks office and they said never could buy a pass to that town beach. Uggh.

So now the clock was ticking.....we wanted to watch the boats come in at 6 PM at Chatham fish pier - and needed to find a warm water beach that was on the way cause we didn't have much time to mess around.

Unfortuntately - with my S&T on the laptop in the hotel room - I just didn't have the analysis tools available on the Garmin to help me pick the right beach that fit our geographical requirements.

Soooooo....we ended up going to Marconi Beach. Happens to be a favorite of mine.....but according to the family.....it's COLD! I had fun....but had to listen to the girls whine. Next time, I'll make sure I bring Streets and Trips.

Meanwhile - My wife's graphical awareness of the Northeast has been increased....being from the South - she's convinced all Northern waters are frigid.
Ken in Regina
I am not from the south ... born and raised and lived all my life in Canada. You can assure your wife that she is correct: all northern waters ARE frigid.

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