Optimize Stops slow in Windows 7?
Does anybody else have this problem? I have Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010. When I had Windows XP, optimization was very fast. Now, with Windows 7 and a new laptop (dual core processor), it takes a minute or two before the route is completely optimized. Actually, the first 3/4 of the way through it goes quickly and then the last section of optimizing it slows down almost to a stand still. It is slow whether I am optimizing 80 stops or 10 stops.

Is this a possible Windows 7 bug that S&T 2010 has not addressed?

Ken in Regina
What were the processor speeds of the old and new computers? It's possible that Streets&Trips is slower on your new computer because your new computer is slower than the old one.

Yes there are so many variables. The disk might be slower as well. Or Windows 7 is configured differently. I found Windows 7 overheated my laptop when I installed it. Turned out not to be the problem of Windows 7 but the fact that Acer shipped the laptop with Vista and set it to run at about 75% full speed - to avoid overheating.

Windows 7 is meant to be faster than Vista. I haven't seen any comparisons between XP and Windows 7. Personally I would switch the "Vista look" off and run it in "Windows Classic" mode. It should be a little quicker, but I mainly do it out of personal preference.

I have the exact same problem. However, I know this is a Windows 7 problem because I just put Windows 7 on my computer about a month ago. Street & Trips runs quickly on my old laptop and my other computer without 7, but just like yours it hangs up about 3/4 thru and takes forever to finish. I have been putting my routes on a USB drive and optimizing them on my laptop and then putting them back on my PC to print. It's very frustrating to have to fight with this program all the time but I make so many changes to my maps that I don't really have a choice. Please post if anyone finds a cure!!! Thanks
Why not posting a demo.est file that shows this behavior so that we can see it on other computers as well?
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