Sound low for Streets & Trips, but good for other applications
I have a new computer, and the volume of sound is very good for all applications, music and videos, but the volume for the voice on Streets and Trips is so low I cannot hear it. I have a second computer with the same program on it, and do not have this problem. Just a note I have Windows 7.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi thepitts12, and welcome to the forums. I'm still using Windows XP, but if Windows 7 is similar in this, open the Sound Mixer, and make sure the relevant sliders are all set to their maximum.

The attached screen shot bellow depicts the three sliders which affect the Streets & Trips sound volume.
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Thanks for the info. I am not traveling at the moment, so I can't know for sure that the sound is any different, however when I opened the sound mixer, it was all the way up to the top.
I too find the volume low and that is on a XP computer. The master volume and the wave volume controls are set to maximum and I am experiencing the same issue as thepitts12. The volume for the voice could be twice as loud .
Marvin Hlavac
If the Windows sound controls are all set to the maximum, but the sound is still low, the following are some of the solutions that have been used and discussed by members of this forum:
1. You may use an inexpensive amplified speaker for your laptop;
2. Some cars and trucks have an AUX port, allowing you to easily connect the sound output of your laptop to the vehicle's own sound system;
3. FM transmitters are made for this purpose. You would connect an FM transmitter to your laptop, and then listen to the computer sound via the FM receiver in your car. Stay away from the least expensive FM transmitter models, as they may not have enough RF power, and if the radio frequency channel being used is not completely free of signals, you will hear interference.
There may be other suitable solutions. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page, and look for discussions listed in the "Similar Topics" section.
I have my laptop connected to the Aux input of the car's sound system. The songs all play at one volume but when the navigation voice comes on it is half the volume of the music. I am unable to see a volume adjustment slider anywhere in the XP sound control settings for Streets & Trips, and when I adjust either the master or wave controls it is adjusting the volume of the navigation voice. They are both set to max but still the voice is weak. If I turn the volume up on the car amplifier the music then becomes too loud. Thanks for your help Marvin.

In windows XP, i can only see a wave and Master volume, but no volume specific for an application like S&T on my system.


I don't know which media player you are using. If you are using winamp, the volume control on winamp interface will control the audio sound of the music without touching your computer Master/Wave volumes. So this way, you can tweak your computer Master/Wave volumes to maximum, adjust the car audio so street and trips voice sound perfect and finally, tweak winamp own volume control so music does not play too loud.

Unfortunatly, S&T won't cut the music once it is playing voice over. But if the winamp volume is only for background music, you could heard the voice over of S&T correctly.

This is not a perfect solution, but a free one (winamp is free) .
Thanks Mistermoonlight.

Yes I can adjust the volume down on the Windows Media Player which allows me to turn the "System" volume up which makes the voice on Streets & Trips louder and recognizable, but then the XP sounds are extremely loud.

There seems to be no perfect solution other than a change in the S&T program that would give a volume control that would enable the voice to be approximately twice as loud. This is a minor glitch in what I consider to be a fantastic offering from Microsoft as I love the 2010 software. I have been purchasing editions from as far back as 2004 and for myself the 2010 version is the first version to operate really problem free. I found previous versions (2008 and earlier) all caused my laptops to close the program unexpectedly at times, but the 2010 program is a truly wonderful piece of software to me as I have only minor issues such as this one with the program. (I did not purchase the 2009 version due to the speed glitch which it would not read zero when stopped.)

I used Autoroute 2007 on a trip to Europe last year and it was essential to me being mobile there (France/Poland/Italy/Spain/Switzerland), but it too would shutdown when it encountered a problem which was a bit frustrating as it happened fairly often. But when traveling these pieces of software have proven to be absolutely invaluable to someone who wants to get around. I doubt I would have figured out how to find my way to the first hotel without them and cabs would have been expensive not to mention the limitation of traveling around. Instead I drive around like I live in these areas and see so much more than would otherwise be possible.

As for the North American version I use it to travel from Canada thru the USA and Mexico regularly. I drive everywhere from Florida to California and like I said even into Mexico and this program is what has enabled me to do it enjoyably.

Thanks for all you guys who improve this product and I look forward to purchasing the updated versions in the future.

Yes I can adjust the volume down on the Windows Media Player which allows me to turn the "System" volume up which makes the voice on Streets & Trips louder and recognizable, but then the XP sounds are extremely loud.
Yes I understand, but while driving, you can simply do a Windows sound profile that remove all system sounds. That way, you will only have S&T voice and your music and that's all.

You can quickly switch to another sound profile (if you really want your system sounds like email beep, etc) once you are returning at home and not navigating anymore ...

Better than nothing I guess
I seem to recollect that you once suggested/recommended a software amplifier for use with S&T.
Do you remember that? Did it work?
Marvin Hlavac
It did work, but I only tested it out of curiosity. I have no need for it, so I never really used it for any extended time period.

Here's more info: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1614-laptop-speakers-not-loud-enough-what-can-i-do#post11643
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