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Night time wish!
It would be nice if the night time view had a button in the standard toolbar that expanded the map to full screen without the Streets & Trips window/interface around the perimeter of the screen so that the amount of light given off of the laptop would be substantially less and the amount of map shown would increase. If the user would touch either the touchpad or a key the window would return allowing the user to use the interface as normal. A small area could be superimposed over the map to display the speed over the night view map as well possibly in the top left corner.
I thought of a few other non-night time issues too. I find the voice volume is low for the navigation instructions. A volume control for that would be nice as I am sure I could set it to 200% of the current setting and it would be about right. When listening to MP3s on the Windows Media Player the song goes quiet and you can barely hear the instructions before the song comes back with good volume. Also the volume adjuster for the Windows Media Player could be expanded to include other common players such as Winamp/VLC etc ... that would be nice as well. Just my thoughts!
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