Any way to convert National Geographic Maps TPO files to Delorme Topo TPX files?
Is there a way to convert NG Maps (TPO files) to Delorme topo (TPX files). Thanks funnnyfarm
Can NG export GPX files?

Ken in Regina
Check to see what file formats National Geographic can Save As or Export to. Also check the GPS Babel online site to see what conversions it has that you might use.

If it lets you go from TPO directly to TPX you're in business the easy way. If not, see what other path you might take, e.g. if you can Save As or Export to GPX you might be able to use GPS Babel to convert GPX to TPX, etc.

Thanks Ken, but it won't do TPO files, but I'll keep the program. funnnyfarm
What is Delorme TPX file extension? Can't find it on Google. GPS Babel can convert NG TPO to several Delorme file extensions: AN1, GPL, WPT, TXT, PPC, & Delorme Street Atlas Plus.
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