Activating AutoRoute 2010 on a New Hard Drive
I am thinking of replacing my current harddrive with an SSD, in order to increase battery life and speed things up a little.

I have been told that when I try to activate the new installation of Microsoft AutoRoute, it will not be possible. Something to do with the Hardware ID of my computer.

Can anyone shed a little light on this subject? I don't want to spend money buying a new drive if I can't use it.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi OldFart, welcome to the forums. I was in the same situation once. When a piece of hardware is changed in a computer, the online activation will likely fail. After it fails, you will be able to activate the software product with the assistance of the Microsoft telephone support.

One way to find the telephone numbers for various countries is by opening your Microsoft AutoRoute, clicking Help, and searching for Customer support options.
I'm afraid that Microsoft telephone support is both almost useless and also expensive, having to telephone from Spain to either Norway or England. I will see if I can "con" someone into buying my DVD.
You can install two instances of AutoRoute on a single license so, if you have only installed on one hard disk you should be able to use the license on a new installation. You might want to write the ID down, download A/R from the internet and then use the old SS# on your new installation. There needn't be much hurry - you will have a new 60 days to register.
Marvin Hlavac
In the Help, there is a link to a website that gives you a larger selection of countries. I do see Spain there, too. I believe the phone support for your current version of the product should still be free. While on the phone, when asked to have your credit card handy, ignore that, and proceed with the telephone call till you reach a real person.
It is my understanding that the Microsoft activation telephone numbers are different from the general support numbers. When you select telephone activation in the activation wizard, you will get the list of numbers for each country.

As for the original motivation, an SSD will deliver only small improvements to battery life. If you are buying an SSD, you should be doing it mostly for the other reasons.
Marvin Hlavac
Tao, you are correct, and thanks for refreshing my memory. Yes, during the activation process there is the option to 'Activate over the phone', and the phone numbers are provided right there.
Many thanks for all the input, I'll take another stab at Microsoft Norway and see if I can get some result from there.
Thanks again.

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