Which software can show POIs in 5 - 10 mile radius?
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My first step. Ask the people at Laptop GPS World.

I am new to the " Laptop GPS " world. I have a Presario Notebook with windows 7. I have a GPS unit for the car. All it does is tell me the same old same old. Now I have a great chance to start new. I would like to see POI's that give some kind of history about what I could see 5 - 10 miles around me. Not just the next Airport, Food Stop, or Gas Station.

I don't have a clue about how to start step number two. Can any one help?
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You can do that with Streets and Trips in North America or AutoRoute in Europe, both produced by Microsoft and both are excellent products.

In recent versions of Streets and Trips, there are basically two kinds of POIs available. The first is 'built-into' the application. The second, and perhaps more interesting, is the kind that come from the public domain or ones you create yourself. This latter kind needs to be added to our map file and then they will be searchable from a fixed point for from your route (entire or segments of). There are files available on this forum containing many popular POIs (thousands) or can be found on other public websites that specialize in POIs.

Download a free 60-day trial of S&T and play around with it to see what I am writing about.
You may find the POI Scanner interesting: About