Next Exit Warning Too Late in Microsoft Streets & Trips
If our memory is correct, we think Microsoft Streets and Trips used to warn us of the next turn starting around 3 miles out. My wife says now we don't get a warning until we are almost to the exit. Is there a way to increase how far out S&T tells us something is going to happen up ahead?
Unfortunatly, there is no way.

Sometimes it is getting slowlier, especially if you have a crowded map. You can try to discover what is causing you this slowliness. One other way to see it is to look at the progress bar before the next turn (or to look at the number of miles before the next turn and quickly adding the last 2 digits to your car odometer, than you may just by taking a quick look at your car odometer have a brief idea of in how many miles you would be at that exit)

You can add it to the S&T wish list on this forum
The appropriate lead time for advance warnings varies depending on your speed and traffic conditions, so it is difficult to get that right.

Are you using the navigation pane? I keep an eye on that because it is always counting down to the next driving direction, in other words, when you are getting to the end of your driving segment. So, if I am bombing along in the passing lane in heavy traffic, I know to start working my way over to the right in the last half-mile or so whether or not I've gotten a verbal instruction from Microsoft Anna.

Actually, using the navigation pane this way allows me to silence Anna, which ain't all bad.

Also, I like to have the map display in dynamic turn-by-turn mode which zooms in to the segment end as you get nearer.

The other suggestion I might offer is to add in the planning stage a 'bogus' stop on your route somewhat before the turn-off to get everyone ready.
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