Streets & Trips vs. Garmin 60csx
I finally scraped together enough pocket money to get a 60csx, which I've wanted for years (well, actually, my wife got it for my birthday.) Of course I expect a rather steep learning curve at first, but to make matters worse I'm also trying to transition from Mapsource/nRoute to Streets & Trips at the same time. Boy, talk about lost....

I created a simple 2 stop route in S&T but now I can't figure out how to transfer it to the 60csx. My laptop (Windows 7) doesn't see the storage card. I think my laptop knows there's a Garmin out there; I have a signal coming in; I've got GPSGate running. I should be able to upload a gpx file, right? I guess I could remove the microSD card from the Garmin and simply copy the file over using Windows Explorer, but that seems like an awkward workaround.

Another question: Does the 60csx get it's power via USB when it's connected to the laptop, or is it still using the batteries?

Sometimes I miss the good old days before nRoute was split out of Mapsource and everything worked just so.

Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll be begging for more of it in the days to come
One way is to export to GPX from S&T 2010. Open the GPX file in MapSource and transfer it to your 60csx. You don't need GPS Gate as that is used to provide GPS data (your current location) from the 60csx to a computer navigation program. I'm not familiar with the 60csx but there is probably a way from the menu to make it show as storage to the computer. This is the mode you will need to transfer data to the 60csx.

Try page 68 of you manual.

Ken in Regina
As Terry said, GPSGate plays no part in transferring waypoint, route and track data to/from the handheld.

If you have an internet connection you can transfer your route directly to the 60CSx from Streets&Trips. This won't be a lot of help on the road if you don't have an internet connection, but for the pretrip planning it will work. (the internet connection is necessary because Streets&Trips doesn't actually have the necessary feature built in, so it needs to use one from the internet.)

As Terry mentioned, you can export the route from Streets&Trips to a GPX file, open it in Mapsource and transfer the route directly to the handheld from Mapsource. This is likely the most useful long-term method because it will always work and requires no internet connection.

I'm pretty sure the 60CSx is like my eTrex Legen HCx. When connected to a USB cable, the handheld is powered from the USB connection. This is not a charging connection, though. That is, if you have rechargeable batteries loaded in the handheld, they will not charge when the handheld is connected to the computer. You will still have to take them out and charge them in the usual fashion.

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