Reversing a route in Streets & Trips plots a too long trip
Microsoft Streets and Trips has created a perfectly good route between home and my daughter's dorm, 199 miles away. But when I hit "Reverse Route" for the trip back to the house, it changes the route and adds about 24 miles. I would expect Streets & Trips to just allow me to retrace my exact route back the way I came.

Same thing happens if I reverse the order of the 2 endpoints in the route planner and ask it to recalculate.

Why this strange behavior?
With out knowing any more specifics... could be due to one-way streets... freeway access, construction, or other obstacles.
No it's not that, because I can actually drive back the same route. In this particular case, I know the way. I'm just a GPS junkie who likes to watch myself movin' on down the road.
As NightHawkFan suggests above, more specifics might help. I am not aware of any inherent reason why S&T should do as you describe.

Have you looked, step-by-step, at the driving directions to see if that sheds any light?
Ken in Regina
Check where the route deviates from where you think it should go. Somewhere shortly after that there may be a "break" in the map data on the return route that is forcing the route to go elsewhere.

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