How to customize Directions pane in Streets & Trips?
I am trying to plan a RV Canada/Alaska trip for next summer. I have tried different trip mapping software, but I am frustrated with all of it. Streets & Trips is the best that I have found, but still frustrating.

For planning purposes, I need only the stops and the mileage between them, so I would like to turn off the detail in the Directions pane, such as all of the turns and times.

I would also like for each stop to coincide with the end of my driving day.

Can this be done in Streets & Trips? Is there a trip mapping software better suited for RVers?
Marvin Hlavac
Directions pane in Microsoft Streets and Trips

Hi Traveler,

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To customize the Directions pane in Microsoft Streets & Trips, on the tool bar, click ToolsOptionsDirections to access the above dialog box, and then remove the check-marks of the items you don't need.

I would also like for each stop to coincide with the end of my driving day.
Schedule stops in Streets & Trips

In the Route Planner (Ctrl+R), right-click the desired stop, select Schedule Stops, and then, as per the screen shot above, select the number of nights you wish to stay.
Thanks for your help, Marvin.

I do not intend to use Streets & Trips "live" while driving as I have my in-dash Navigation system plus a hand-held Garmin. I merely want to use S&T as a planning tool to determine my daily stops along the way. I need to know how many miles each segment of my trip is going to take so that I can plan for fuel stops and find campgrounds.

I understand how to use the Options dialog and have used it some already, but it doesn't allow me to turn off the lines between the stops. It gives me accumulated daily mileage, but I need just the mileage for a given day. I want to eliminate all of the turns between the stops so that only the stop line appears. It would be even better if I could get the between-stops mileage for each stop to show in the Route Planner pane. I would not need the Directions pane at all.
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