How do I make a route of hundreds of addresses in Streets & Trips?
OK, so all I have figured out how to do is import my Excel file with 635 addresses into my Microsoft Streets & Trips. Now they are all pushpins on the map. How do I build and optimize a route for all those addresses without doing it one at a time?
How you do it in MapPoint (I assume it is the same in S&T) is to click on the pushpin set in the Legend. I think it is a right click gives you the popup memu which lets you add the pushpins as stops.

600+ is a lot. Especially if you are thinking of using the Optimize option. It might take a while to process.

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This question has come up in the past and you might want to review the following thread to see if it answers some of your questions: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3518-need-pc-software-gps-seriously-long-trip.

If you still need assistance after reading that, do not hesitate to come back.
I have my own business, and door hangers is my absolute best way of advertising. Mailers don't work for me.

So anyways, I have these lists, separated by ZIP codes, with between 600 and 4,000 addresses per ZIP. Now I am trying to find driving directions that will give me the most effective way way of hitting each house. I need to get the maximum number of hangers distributed in a day.

So far I have imported my list of 600 addresses from my Excel file to Streets & Trips, and each one is visible as a pushpin. How do I get them all in the route without having to right click each one. After about 50 or so, I don't know which pushpins I've added and which ones I haven't. I suppose when I'm at number 2,436, and I lose my place, I will go insane.
Marvin Hlavac
Krawler, do you wish to add all, or only some, of the pushpins as stops?

If all, go to the Legend & Overview pane, right-click the pushpin set, and select "Add as stops".

If you want only some of the locations, you could draw a select rectangle with your mouse around the pins you want, then right-click within the selected area, and click "Add as stops".
A few thousand, or even a few hundred, pushpins are too many to organize into a coherent single route. It would not be likely that one could deal with it even if you could create a route.

Therefore, you might want to consider breaking down the total collection of pushpins into manageable sub-groups, such as a day's worth of stops or a single (or a few) zip code(s). Think about how many stops you can manage physically in a day or a single "route" and size the sub-groups accordingly.

Then, make each of these sub-groups a pushpin set and do as Marvin suggests.
Krawler - if you are also using S&T in your vehicle to navigate to these stops you may wish to turn off the auto-rerouting feature (in Tools --> Options) as you have a set route that you want to stick to.
Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

I'm using the trial version now, but am probably going to buy the full version today with the GPS receiver. Are there any features that I will get that I'm not getting with this trial?

Optimization is not 100 percent perfect, as it has me drive past houses on my route on occasion, but it's as good as it will get I suppose.

Is this program upgradable once I buy, or do I have to purchase again when Streets and Trips 2011 is released?
The trial version has all the features of the full one. You must buy a full copy each year but you can use the same GPS with new versions such as S&T 2011.

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