Approximate Release Date of Streets and Trips 2011
@ confused , disable your anti virus or spyware software while you install it, its probably something to do with that , that's stopping it from installing. Just re-enable them after it has installed.
Yep - one of the tips in the Read Me said to disable virus protection etc. and then uninstall and install again - so I tried that too - nada!? Maybe I will try the whole download again with the security off. I just know that this is going to be some simple little thing I am not aware of or forgot to do or something. I will keep trying and if I ever figure it out I will try to post whatever I learn - if I learn anything.
Baja Boojum - do they show the Arco Norte around Mexico City, which is a brand new super highway that should complete a coast to coast autopista through the middle of Mexico.....Should go from Atlacomulco to Texmelucan looping all around DF. We drove the first section from Texmelucan to Sahagun a couple years ago and it is a great new road. There are several others but that one is going to make a huge difference when going by-coastal and avoiding DF. Big tolls though.
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