Missing desktop icon for Microsoft Streets and Trips
Well, I tried twice on the Microsoft site, but it failed to register the question... hmmm
How do I replace the blank generic desktop icon for the correct one? I have the picture. In Properties the change icon is grayed out.

Windows 7 64bit

Thanks all
Marvin Hlavac
I edited the title by adding the "for Microsoft Streets and Trips" part. I'm assuming you are referring to that product, since you posted in the S&T section, but I'm not 100% sure because you haven't specifically stated it in your post.
I posted it in the right place - do you have the right answer to the question?

Version 2010
How about dragging a shortcut of 'Streets.exe' to the desktop. That should give you the correct icon.

Good idea except the correct picture is not in all programs either! Win7 64 has been dropping several icon pics.
UPDATE! Searched for streets.exe like you suggested. Created shortcut. Now I have the icon.

Thanks a zillion!
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