Streets & Trips 2010 Stopped Working After Garmin Mobile PC GPS 10x Install
I am having trouble trying to transfer routes & or GPX files into Garmin Mobile PC 10x. So as another try I decided to use Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 that I have been using the past 6 months.

Well, when I try running Streets & Trips, I get a box opening saying 'I have a Licensing Error'. Now, that can't be I thought. So I un-installed Streets & Trip, and try again... same problem.

Me thinks Garmin Mobile PC install has caused problems with my Streets & Trips install!

I verified that Streets & Trips works by installing it on another computer & it functions fine.

Any one have any idea what to do?

bighopper - unfortunately, these licensing errors are not usually resolved by re-installing as you found out. Best thing to do in this case is to call MS for assistance...866-834-8317 (us and canada). They will hopefully get you up and running again soon.
Thanks Larry.
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