Is DeLorme USB GPS receiver compatible with non-DeLorme software?
I currently have Street Atlas with the GPS puck that came with the software. Would the GPS puck that came with Street Atlas work with Streets and Trips? I'm contemplating switching.
As long as your computer is using Windows XP 32 bit, Delorme offers a helper program to convert the Earthmate output to a COM port signal usable with S&T.
DeLorme Technical Support :: DeLorme Serial Emulation Driver for Earthmate® GPS Receivers

Otherwise, you would be better off getting S&T with a GPS.

Hi amtraktrekker,

The GPS locator sold in with the S&T 2009 software is the same as in 2010. You might pick up a cheap S&T 2009 with GPS box just for the GPS hardware.

The Microsoft GPS locator will also work with Street Atlas so you can go either way.
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