CSV to GPX to Garmin MapSource
I have a .csv file of waypoints in 3 columns (name, latitude, longitude). The lat/long are in decimal degrees. I have successfully converted the csv file to a gpx file and have uploaded the gpx file into MapSource - HOWEVER the columns do not line up properly. Does anyone know the proper column order to import into MapSource?
Ken in Regina
You didn't say what you mean by "the columns do not line up properly" so I don't know which ones are screwed up. But you can figure it out yourself.

Just open the GPX file in your favorite text editor (right-click on it and "Open With..."). Notepad will work. A GPX file is just a text file. No magic.

Look in one of the waypoint <waypt> entries for the Name and Lat and Lon arguments. Compare the contents to the columns in your CSV file and see what you have to do. E.g. if you see a value in the Lon= argument that is actually the Lat= for that entry, you know you need to switch those columns around. Etc.

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