How to print the Route Planner in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
Is there a way to print the Route Planner only? I use Streets & Trips for my delivery route. On some routes I have 140 stops. This program is great! All my stops are configured to be on the right hand side of the street (mostly).
S&T 2010 has a half dozen or so printing options which suite most needs. If you are wanting just to have the list of stops from the route planner pane the easiest way would be to capture a screenshot image as I have done below and just print it. Is that what you are wanting to print out?
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Now I think about it I don't think I can do it as there are 80 or so entries which needs to be scrolled down.
I do get a list with the driving directions but there are several pages.
This has come up before and strikes me as an appropriate enhancement to the S&T printing options. Obviously, just capturing a screen shot would not be appropriate for anything like 80 stops.

But another thought for a work-around might be to capture all the driving directions by saving to your clipboard, and then pasting that info into a spreadsheet file and delete the lines of directions that do not relate to the individual stops.
The last time this was dicussed, the suggestion was to download a free pdf printer, send the output to that printer, open the result in a pdf program such as Foxit and print only the pages you want.

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