Review: iGuidance 2009
I can confirm those registry settings work for iGuidance 2009 in Vista.

Marvin Hlavac
Terry, thanks for testing it with iGuidance 2009. I'm glad it still works in the new version.

When iGuidance 4 first came out with the text-to-speech feature, I didn't like the mispronounced street names and I couldn't stand the robot-like voice. I did take advantage of the registry trick at that time (but I got used to it since then ).
Hi Marvin
You were nice enough to respond to my issue & I briefly viewed it with the intent of going over it as soon as I could. Unfortunately I cannot relocate it with the link in the e-mail I received.
Could I trouble you to resend it.
Thanks very much

Originally Posted by careconst
Hello marvin
The V4.0 (c/w the july 08 update patch) has worked very well on my PC (Vista) & each subsequent specific name was verbalized at the end of the word “onto” as it should. As of a week ago it stopped verbalising the name (the subsequent turn still appears properly on the top of the screen & all the other information is still verbalised but nothing after "onto"). As I use the audible more than the visual this makes it a guess as to what the name of the turn is & a bit unsettling (I didn’t know how important it was until I lost it).
Could you advise me as to how to correct this, we are currently travelling in out motorhome & could use your help as soon as possible.
Marvin Hlavac
careconst, it is in this thread, but the reason you don't see it is because it is on the previous page. Go to page #2, post #29, of this thread.

P.S. The reason the old e-mail link does no longer bring you directly to the old reply is because these email links point to your first unread posting in the thread. Your "first unread" posting today is not the same as it was a week ago.
Marvin Hlavac

Win one of two free
iGuidance 2009 with GlobalSat USB GPS BU-353

More info on page #1 of this review.

I would like to be entered in the drawing please as I am a Nav Junkie!!!

iGuidance 2009

Hi Everybody,

It looks like there are a few products highly discussed here. Is there is a place where I can find side by side feature evaluation?
It would be really nice.

Hope to win one. ;-)
A shoot-out among iGuidance, DeLorme, Streets, and Mobile PC would be really helpful.
I have only used OziExplorer, MS AR, S&T and MP and Garmin nRoute.

I would like to win iGuidance so that I can try it out when we are the USA next year.

Andrew Watson
Just in case I will start working on my acceptance speech today. This edition of iguidance would be a very nice addition to the collection.
I really like what I've seen with v2009. Does anyone know if the typing auto completes or hides (shades out) letters that are not used (like the Garmin Nuvi units do)?
Yes it auto completes as the Nuvi does.

Would love to win this to compare to other programs... And also get my hands on that great BU-353!
I don't know the product, but I have the original GPS receiver for the first version of S&T that had it available, so a newer and better version would be nice to have and as a pensioner, I hate paying :-) so I hope I win
Does anybody know if iGuidance 2009 can use windows TTS voice like Microsoft Anna, or Microsoft Mary?
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