Review: iGuidance 2009
No, iGuidance uses its own built-in voices.

iGuidance is by far the best touchscreen compatible gps software I've ever used. I'm in the process of building a pc for my truck with an 8" touchscreen and iGuidance will be a major feature there. After xmas when I'm no longer broke I'll certainly upgrade to 2009 version.
I am curious about the traffic feature. Is somebody already tried it regularly in a known region to see if it is really usefull?
Rob Brown
I have been a Streets & Trips user for several years, but it looks like this product might be worth trying out!
Does 2009 get better reception with the BU353 than 3.0 does? I'm guessing this is a function of the receiver, but it seams like some apps are less sensitive to signal quality and grab a lock faster.
Ken in Regina
As you suspect, GPS signal sensitivity is totally a function of the GPS receiver: how good the hardware and firmware is and how good your placement is (you can mess up the best receiver by putting it in a poor location).

I have not used older versions of iGuidance so I can't compare any software performance differences.

Marvin Hlavac
It is my pleasure to announce that the following two people have been randomly selected as the winners of the following product:
  • iGuidance 2009 with GlobalSat USB BU-353
    1. t1dunn
    2. ktrack
Thanks very much to iNav Corp. for the sponsorship of this give-away.

The iGuidance 2009 software will be shipped to the two winners by iNav Corp. The USB BU-353 GPS receivers will be shipped separately.

The following is the complete list of all the winners, including those in the other product categories: RocketKid, Ken1963, Diabalo, murf, LinuxOnAMD64, sledgehampster, t1dunn, ktrack, Keith, and bogi.

Thanks to all for your participation.

See you in the forums.
Thank you for one of the most informative, helpful forums out here. And many thanks to you and iNav Corp for this very pleasant gift.
Can routes be screened by vehicle size (height and length)?
Originally Posted by sleeper33191
Can routes be screened by vehicle size (height and length)?
No as the routing data does not include overheight or load limit information.

Thank you so much for The Prize!
I look forward to trying it out and posting my thoughts.

I appreciate this wonderful forum, Marvin and all the faithful, knowledgable, gracious contributors.

Merry Christmas to all. And, travel safe!

Re: Winner of iGuidance 2009 and BU-353 Receiver

I have given the program a couple of test runs and here are my initial thoughts:

As noted by others, the program is best utilized as a "point-to-point" navigator. It is easy to enter a destination and tell it to Go.

I like the map graphics. I also like the extensive spoken directions.

I think this program would best be used as:
1) An informational display to entertain children in the backseat and inform them of trip progress.
2) An instructional tool for introducing youth to GPS.
3) In-town back-up for those who are directionally challenged
4) In-town back-up for street-knowledgeable delivery drivers.

I also tested the BU-353 receiver. It operates very well with comparable performance to my MS/Pharos dongle.

Thanks, again, for this fun gift!
Marvin Hlavac
Details about the upcoming iGuidance 2011 have been posted to the forum.
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