Streets & Trips map blinks / flashes every second as BU-353 GPS updates position
I'm using a USB based USGlobalSat BU353 SiRF III GPS antenna, and I'm experiencing a "flash" or "blink" of the map every second as my position is updated on the map.

Anyone else ever experience this issue?

The antenna baud rate defaults to 4800bps.
I'm using a T60 Thinkpad running XP PRO (32bit).

I've used other antennas <on the same laptop> that did not have this phenomenon.
This is not exclusively a BU-353 problem.

I find this will happen to me, too, when navigating if zoomed out far enough with a map that has got a few dozen (or more) pushpins on it. I use a UMPC with GPS built-in.
Marvin Hlavac
A similar topic was posted a while back at the link bellow:


It is likely not related to your USB GPS BU-353.
Reading the various threads around this subject makes it fairly clear that this (a) is not a hardware issue, (b) IS a 'fault' within Streets and Trips, and (c) is beyond users' capacities to 'work around.' I don't know much about writing such applications but it would seem that there is inadequate display buffering to smoothe the transitions from screenshot to screenshot.

Perhaps a 'fix' to this problem should be added to our long Wish List.
Kilroy was here
I found that the trouble could be with the GPS Trail option. If the GPS Trail gets to be to long it starts causing trouble. I started with a fresh map with no GPS Trail and the problem went away.
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