Any tips for blind or visually impaired users of Streets & Trips?
Hello everyone,

My name is Lynn and I am a new member. I live in NE Georgia. I just recently downloaded the trial of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 to try out on my laptop. I am blind and use speech software on my laptop computer, a Toshiba Satellite L505 S-5990. I have a Bluetooth adapter plugged into it and use an IBlue 737A+ GPS receiver with it. So far, so good, eh?

From what I can tell, the speech software reads this program beautifully. As far as visual maps go, I have no use for them, but hubby is sighted and can use them. I love the directions they give and the fact that I can actually help my husband on those drives where he ends up lost. (Which, if he were honest, is most of the time.

I am wondering if there are any visually impaired users on this list who could maybe give me some heads up on any configuring I need to do with my screen reader to get a better outcome with the software. I really haven't done a lot with it so far as I am just now getting my GPS receiver set up. I do have it paired with the Bluetooth adapter but not sure on how to set it up for Microsoft Streets & Trips to see it.

Thanks in advance for any help I know I will find here. I am so excited to find a program that works so well for those of us who are blind and/or visually impaired.

Thanks, Lynn W.
Hi, Lynn,

Welcome to the forum! I am just back from Suches, near Dahloniga... Beautiful country, up your way.

I am not an expert on BlueTooth GPS, but, as I recall, you have find out what com port your GPS sends out on. That information might be in the instructions, or you might be able to find it through the Windows Control Panel under BlueTooth items.

Then, you have to tell S&T what port to look at. Click on the GPS Task Pane button. Then, click on the GPS Configuration button. Press the Scan button, so the program will look for the GPS signal. Highlight the proper com port, when it is discovered, and select it for use.

As far as reading the directions, the program does verbal turn-by-turn announcements when driving. If you would like to have the route directions read aloud, as they are written out, you might see if you could copy the directions to the clip board and paste them into a program that you know can be used with your reader program.

It has been a while since I helped anyone set up a BlueTooth GPS. So, I hope I am not leading you astray. Everybody is very helpful on this forum. Someone will come along, soon, and straight me out, if I am wrong.
Hi, Lynn, welcome to the Forum. It is great to hear that you are making good use of Streets and Trips navigation software.

I just wonder if you have any experience with Nuance's Naturally Speaking speach-recognition software and, particularly, with Streets and Trips. I have been thinking for the last day or two how that might work with MrUmbra's TripLog mini-app. In other words, what would happen if one adapted Naturally Speaking to TripLog, so that a user would just dictate the text he or she wanted associated with the positioning co-ordinates? I am going to make the suggestion in the Wishlist section of the Forum.
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