Truckstop POIs
Truck Stop POI

This is something new I'll be doing. Not sure how often I'll post updates to it, but I'll try to keep up with it.

The POI's I'll be posting will be for truckstops in North America (USA & Canada). When I post them, there will be 3 formats uploaded (all with the same info): .gpi (Garmin), .ov2 (TomTom/ALK) and .csv (pretty much everything). I'll also post what's included for each poi set, such as longitude, latitude, name, etc.

The poi sets from the major truckstop brands (Pilot-Flying J, Loves, Petro, etc) is from the data they have on each of their perspective websites. The more data a brand includes, the more I'll include in the import data.

If anyone else has truckstop sets they'd like to upload or .bmp files as logo's for these sets, feel free to do so in this thread.

Update 10/31/10:
Thanks to Marvin, this thread will be much easier to keep track of. All download links will be posted in the 1st post (this one). All links shown below are direct download links to the zip files. Inside each of the zip files, you'll find the different GPS files (GPI, OV2 & CSV), as well as bmp logo's if I have them.

I've also created a list of All truckstops. This list has every truckstop I have listed below in it. I use this set to make it very easy to find ANY truckstop. My company uses Pilot's (I know, I know...), so I have that one loaded as a separate set with their own icon to make it easy to find the location I have to go to for fuel. I figured if it works good for me, others may benefit by doing something similar.
Nice work Malaki86.

I've attached some bmp icons from the POI megafile project that might help.

Although S&T 2010 POI Megafile users will have most of these same truckstops it is good to see them available for TomTom, ALK users.
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File Type: bmp Petro Truck Stops.bmp (2.4 KB)
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Ya, that's what I was thinking. It's also why I include the Garmin format.

Thanks for the bmp's. I'll include them in the zips and re-upload them.

The only thing I hate about the Pilot-Flying J merger is that if I want seperate icons for each, I have to break it up. I'll probably just use the Pilot logo for that set.

Petro just redid their downloads so it shows the more detailed information. I'm hoping that T/A does the same thing. Right now it only shows the long,lat & city. It'll work like that, but would like to include the available food at each location.
Update for 10/31/10:
Thanks to Marvin, there's a much easier way to keep track of all the different POI sets I'm posting. All file links are posted in the first message of this topic. So, you'll know where to go to get the newest downloads. When I update or add any files, I'll make a new posting, as well as a link to the first topic.

I still have some things I want to add, such as Turnpike Service Plaza's, Weigh Stations, Speedco, Wingfoot, Interstate Truck Scales and Husky truckstops (Canada). If anyone has any special requests, post them here and I'll see what I can find.
I have files I've put together from the 2011 truckstop guide that I think includes most of what you have (I have 3 more stops than you show in yours for independent, but you have 4 more with scales than I do). I do have some .bmp images for all of them but the 5th wheel TS (but I'll try and make one) I've created and am willing to share that I'll upload later you can add to your files... once I have a stable internet connection.

Thanks for posting this on the trucking board! The only other source out there you have to pay 40 bucks for it... no thanks. It's all free, it just requires a bit of legwork on the authors part... I still have that brotherhood concept to this industry and don't believe in charging each other for helping!
Yup - it takes some work to do it, but once it's done, I didn't want to keep it all to myself. I bet I've got maybe 5-6 hours total involved in it. I just download the files from each site, make a data-conversion utility for each file and dump it to a text file.

The bmp's for each would be great!!!
New addition: Weigh Stations for USA & Canada

Download available here: Weigh Stations
New addition: Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems

Download available here: Wingfoot
Just a quick note about the Loves truckstops downloads:

Over the past 4 or 5 days, I've noticed HUGE discrepancies with their locations file. They may show miles away (worst one I saw was 5 miles off), or they may not be listed at all. I'll redownload the originals from their site, hoping they've fixed it on their end. It'll take a couple of days before I get it done, though. I'm home for the weekend and, to be honest, I tend to get really lazy and not do much of anything.
Malaki86, I checked out 5thwheel truckstops on Streets and Trips. Bowmanville I found was listed at 43.91281 -78.689, I found the correct location to be 43.89243 -78.69092. Checked this against their website, and it looks good to me. The other 5 location were spot on. Thanks for listing these. I will add them to my map. Hope this helps. Rukstr
Ok - Thank you for that. I'll update that one ASAP.


Updated the 5th Wheel POI's to take care of the location mentioned above. You can download it here or from the 1st post.

I will get the "All Truckstops" updated tomorrow to include this.
What file does CoPilot use?
CoPilot uses the .ov2 files.

To use them, exit CoPilot and copy the file into the CoPilot directory/NA/North America/Save folder. When you start CoPilot up, it will find the new poi's and prompt you for a category and icon for the set. If it's like the Android version, you can only do one poi set at a time (you can install as many sets as you want, but it will only import one at a time).
malaki86 - I imported ts-loves.csv and did not see a column for food offered. (First post says it should have it. If you have this data can it be added to the csv file? Thx.
The food offered is part of the name, in this format: TS Name (City) (Food offered). It's all in the same column. The csv's I'm uploading only have 3 columns: longitude, latitude and name. About