Truckstop POIs
Oops - I apologize - I thought I had the food with the Loves T/S's. Apparently not. Will try to have it in the next update in a week or so (after the 16th sometime).
Sad how bad the data is directly from these companies...

I'll be home in a couple days and will do some updates while there. I'll post once they're updated.
malaki, I sure hope you get home safe. Are you having to drive in that Mid-West storm? If so, be careful, if not, enjoy. Be safe my friend.
As a matter of fact, yes. It started when I went into Cleveland the day the storm hit. Spent the night there, then had to go to Toledo. Now I'll be heading into Canada where it's even worse. I deliver there tonight (if I can get there), then pick up a load heading to Zanesville, OH.

Should be a fun couple of days.
Mandolin Guy
Some of us have a double appreciation for this information. Although I usually use a truck stop when I travel in the RV, I also frequently use truck stops when in the SUV. A lot of the stops have decent (and predictable) restaurants, a bigger selection of snacks, fresh coffee and even some gadgets.
It's been said by someone on here that I stole their property. However, I know better and I'm going to prove it right now. The data I used was taken directly from the websites of the companies who posted the data. Also, much of *MY* data has information the other persons does not, such as the food offered at different truck stops.

So, here we go:I also have the original programming code I used to convert the CSV files to the format that I uploaded to the server here. This was written 100% by me and, therefore, is copyrighted material.
Stupid question here but have you converted these POI to .ov2 for CoPilot? I can only get mine to read columns A, B and C. Also is there a problem not having the coordinates?
CoPilot only accepts longitude, latitude and the name. That's why any truckstop that has the type of restaurant has that as part of the name, as well as the city.
So with the Long and the Lat being in column I and J Copilot will accept it. Reason I am asking is because I have only seen the Long and Lat in column A and B.

Almost too much for this old man to understand. But I am trying.
Thanks for this, are you going to update these? the wingfoot one is hard to find, thanks again!!
Ken in Regina
I can't answer for Malaki about updates. It's possible he may have maintained an up to date version if he sees your question.

Since this thread was posted back in 2011 we have determined that ALK CoPilot, at least the Android version, will accept .CSV files directly and that it will accept more than just the coordinates (LAT/LON) and the Name. There is another thread around here that details our testing. I can track it down for you if you use CoPilot.

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