ALK CoPilot Live Laptop 11 has been released
Marvin Hlavac
Besides the Truck version, ALK released also the "regular" new version of its CoPilot Laptop 11. Looking at the above picture I see improved look of the software program. But reading the ALK web page I'm not yet clear what other changes have been made. Does anyone have this new version, yet? I'm going to ask ALK for a review copy of the program for the website, but if anyone reading this already has version 11, it would be very nice to hear YOUR impressions. Just press the reply button, and tell us about the good and the bad.
Marvin Hlavac
When I posted the above, I wasn't aware that clicking the "Buy" button gives only the option to "pre-order" ! ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 will officially release tomorrow, February 28, 2008. My review copy is being shipped today, but since I'm in Canada it may take several days for me to receive it. Some users in the US will very likely have it much sooner than me. Don't hesitate to share your first impressions here !
Well I got ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 today and just installed it. I have to say that I find it horrible! Not only that the map data is not updated ( several of my addresses that have been around for more than 2 years now are still not in the map data) but the interface is terrible compared to version 9.

While Planning the trip you cannot simply zoom in using the mouse cursor ( you have to click a + or - at the top of the window) This makes picking a point on the map as your destination an ordeal that can take 10 minutes.
The voice so advertised as clear normal text to speech voice is a joke! Seems to be better than previous versions but it still sounds like an old man giving directions while taking a ****.

The new text pad I assume for tablet PC's is annoying!

I so wish I didn't buy this crap. It's worthless. If you have previous versions, you won't miss a thing by not buying version 11. It has too many new bells and whistles like traffic alerts, which is also a joke, that it forgot how to make the most basic things functional. If I was to rate this from 1 to 10 I'd give it a 5. It does nothing worth buying it.
Marvin Hlavac

Hi worldtrav,

Mine arrived yesterday, but I haven't yet had the time to install it. I'm hoping to be able to do it over the weekend.

I personally don't like text-to-speech in general. I prefer pre-recorded human voice. Is the option to switch to pre-recorded voice still there in this version?

On scale from 1 to 10, how did you like the previous ALK CoPilot Laptop version?
Yes you can switch to prerecorded voice. They all sound stuffy.
Version 9 is nicer in my opinion and easier to use on a laptop.

on a scale from 1 to 10, Version 9 is a 9 in my opinion.

9 because map data is outdated but main highways are ok. However the map data in Version 11 seems to be just as outdated and possibly worse since now the streets in my city are only listed on the map as numbers rather than by their names (i.e Tyler Road is listed as 119th street.) I find that rather crappy.
I'm seding version 11 back today. It does nothing worth switching to it even for the 70 bucks.
Marvin Hlavac
Can you enter Tyler Road as destination, or it will only accept 119th St?

I'm very curious to look at the map data data for my area. In my experience with past versions, the map data was the weak point of the otherwise good software program.
Unfortunately It does not recognize my address. It did in version 9 but this one doesnt. If I enter Tyler Road nothing comes up in the list as a match, so I assume it just sucks. Maybe a patch will fix that. Don't know... It kinda feels like it was made by Microsoft.
Marvin Hlavac
Is it a street that has two names, but local people know it by the name of Tyler Road, rather than 119th St? Or was the street renamed in the past? In my experience it takes on average 2 to 3 years for any change to make it into a navigation product (no matter who the manufacturer is). Printed maps are more up-to-date, (but have fewer features).
It's been called Tyler Rd and others Maize, Maple, Ridge in my neighborhood (these are 4 lane streets not residential) for over 30+ years.

In copilot live laptop 9 which I own the streets are on the map by their names not by their number.
It may be a minor problem however if it does this in places where my destination is, then it will be mighty hard to find the address.

I've already tried to input several destinations in Savannah Georgia and Pooler Georgia and neither of them are found by this new software. In fact the zip code where my father lives in Pooler, GA is listed under a city which 10 miles away.

I tried to make myself like it by playing with it some more during the past hour and I just cant. The map is a pain to navigate because you can't drag it wherever you want. Another thing I don't like is that ETA and other info like that is listed on the driving screen in small font on the right side of the screen. The entire reason for purchasing this software was to have a nice 12.1 inch screen so I can see the crap on it easily without squinting at it.
The feeling I get from the second I open the program is that they've sent me the hand held version of the software.

I'd like to hear other opinions... Maybe I'm just a dufus with high expectations... I'm done venting. Your turn
I've had ALK CoPilot Laptop 8 for some time now and just ordered 11. My family and I enjoy CoPilot on the computer. They like seeing where they are on trips and knowing when we will reach the our destination. I hope I'll be as happy with 11.

This is my first post (I'm new to the site). I look forward to learning more about ALK CoPilot Live Laptop 11.

Marvin Hlavac
worldtrav, I'll try to take the time to install ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 tomorrow, and then i'll take it for a drive to see how the map data has changed in my area. The pictures of the v.11 user interface I've seen I liked, but you are saying the text may be too small to see on a 12" screen.

rkd46, welcome to the forums! I just made a news item out of this. It'll be on the front page for about a week, or till something else comes along. I'm looking forward to reading more feedback on the new version 11 from new users and long time users alike.
I have a ALK CoPilot GPS receiver USB and a BU-303 USB reciever that was sent to me from a person I got my CoPilot 8 from. I got the CoPilot receiver when I purchased CoPilot 10 I had lost the software for 10 and when my laptop crashed I bought the 8 on ebay. That's how I came up with two receivers.

My question is this: Is one better than the other? I've never used the BU-303.
Marvin Hlavac
BU-303 is an older USB GPS receiver based on SiRFstarII chipset.

What model number do you see on the USB GPS that came with ALK CoPilot 10? ALK included either BU-353 or a Philips GPS receiver with that version. If you have the BU-353, than it is definitely better than the BU-303. You will notice improved sensitivity to weak satellite signals.

I'm not sure about the Philips unit. But the Philips unit is very likely not even compatible with anything else other than the ALK CoPilot 10 version it came with. So if you have the Philips unit, it isn't really usable with anything, unfortunately.

Maps, maps, maps!!!

Yesterday and today I spent some time driving with ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 ! While previous versions I didn't like mainly because of map data quality, version 11 seems like an improvement (from my point of view) !!! I was actually going to take some v10 vs. v11 comparison screenshots, but I cannot locate my old serial number for v.10 (which was uninstalled already).

Here's what I noticed: Earlier versions of CoPilot only showed a highway as a single line on the map, even if there were collector lanes, express lanes, transfer lanes, etc. All this very important "detail" was missing. This might have not affected every user, but in my city most highways were affected by this. I'm happy to report that ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 is the first version of CoPilot that finally has the highways right !
Marvin, Thanks for your imput. I should get my ALK CoPilot 11 tomorrow and will test this weekend. I'll report my feelings on the new system. I've used 8 and 10 could not see much difference in those two.
Marvin Hlavac
I'm looking forward to reading your impressions of version 11. I personally haven't used previous versions extensively. I did look at them, but because of the map data not being good enough (in my area), it was not practical for me to use it. This new version may keep me interested for a bit longer, though.

I cannot locate in ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 some features which existed in older versions. How does one block a road segment? This was possible to do in older versions, but I just cannot find that option now. Import POIs? The same thing. It's either gone, or I need to dig deeper.

I like the smooth movement of the map. It doesn't refresh the map once per second, but instead it refreshes several times in one second - making the map movement nice and smooth. I tried to record a short video clip to illustrate this, but I'm not experienced with Camtasia Studio 5 yet, and the resulting video wasn't as good as the real thing. But I will still experiment with the video recording settings, and hopefully I will post a video clip later in this thread.

I think new users may find this version of ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 more intuitive. I like the Windows-like "Start" button ("Menu" button). Perhaps long-time users of CoPilot may decide that they either love or hate the new version .
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