How to add a list of addresses to Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I want to add a complete list of a particular retail chain in Microsoft Streets and Trips, but not sure how to do this without doing it by hand. I think you can add an Excel spread sheet of addresses, and it will put in push pins.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Lorel,

Yes, you are correct, you can add your list of addresses that has been saved in an Excel file to Streets & Trips. The following is from the Help file:

Import addresses to a map
  1. On the Data menu, click Import Data Wizard.

  2. Select the source file you want to import, and then click Open.

    Note You must select the type of file you want to import in the Files of type drop-down list. Only files of that type appear in the selection list.

  3. Choose the sheet, range, folder, table, query, view, or separator character.

    Depending on the data source, you may need choose specific data or choose a separator character. This and the next step will be skipped in the Import Data Wizard if your data source does not require further disambiguation of data.
    If you are importing data from Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Outlook, or using Microsoft Data Link, you may need to choose specific data.

    If you are importing from a plain-text file (*.txt, *.csv, *.asc, or *.tab format), you will need to choose the separator character.

  4. After selecting the data, click Next. If you did not have to choose a sheet, range, table, or separator character, this step is skipped

  5. Select the data type for each column of data, choose the Country/Region that pertains to the data, and then specify if the first row of your data contains column headings.

    • After selecting which columns to include and the data type for each column, check the informational text box at the bottom of this wizard page. It will list the geographical unit each record will be matched to and the Country/Region of the data.
    • If you are mapping locations from more than one country, be sure to select <Multi/Other> in the Country/Region list.

  6. Click Finish.

    The Import Data Wizard will attempt to match the records of the data to the specified location. If it cannot match one or more records to a place on the map, you will need to match unmatched records.
These are called POIs, for Points of Interest. There are websites, such as www.poi-factory.com where members can contribute data bases of POIs and also download those into navigation software such as Streets & Trips.

Many retail chains are already available from these, so your first stop should be to do a search for the particular retailer you have in mind; it might exist already. Also, you might want to do a search on this Forum for "POI Mega File", which should yield some interesting results.
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