ALK CoPilot 8 Truck Laptop released
They never did send me a 64-bit version to test. The 32-bit works fine, but when I get the other files (supposedly by tomorrow) I'll try it on a Win7 - 64. When I asked about Vista, they just state "we are not going to support Vista with this version" so they didn't specifically say it wouldn't work. Hopefully will know more by tomorrow.
I am planning on placing my order tomorrow. Maybe I will wait for your test results.
Good deal Diesel. I'll wait to see what you say as to whether it'll install/run on Vista, especially 64bit.
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Good deal Diesel. I'll wait to see what you say as to whether it'll install/run on Vista, especially 64bit.
Hmm. I have test machines with XP-32, Vista-32, and Win7-64. I don't have a Vista-64 though.

When I spoke with them earlier in the week prior to the announcement, they just stated that "Vista is not supported" on CPT8. So I don't know what that means specifically, but I am going to try it on our Vista-32 machine because I need to know for sure.

This is going to be a problem because there are still a lot of users that have Vista (about 28%) so that means that roughly 1 in every 4 drivers won't be able to buy CPT8 on those machines. Speaking of which, ya'all may find this interesting in general. The way that I can tell what you guys are using is from our site statistics and this helps me determine where we need to spend development energy on different projects. The numbers are very accurate because they are based on over 50,000 unique visits each month, and 99% of our visitors are truck drivers. I'm sure that the esteemed owner of this site can do the same with his stats.

Here's the current breakdown as of October:

Drivers using Windows XP: 42.62%
Drivers using Windows Vista: 28.73%
Drivers using Windows 7: 27.65%
Drivers using all other previous version Windows versions: 1.7%
Drivers using an Android OS: 4.49%
Drivers using a Mac: 4.29%
Drivers using iPhones: 2.76%
Drivers using a Blackberry: .76%
Drivers using an iPad: .45%
Drivers using Linux: .38%

Internet Explorer: 63%
Firefox: 16.59%
Safari: 9%
Chrome: 5.27%
All other browsers combined: 6.14%

- Don
Just bought the CoPilot v8 Live Truck Laptop download a few days ago. Got it for half off due to a previous purchase. Right away I noticed quite a few added changes from the CoPilot Truck 11 Laptop version. I have yet to use the program out on the road. So I can't speak for its functionality just yet. Let's just hope they got it right this time. Because that last version pissed a whole lot of people off including me. Has anyone gotten a chance to use and test the software yet? Let us know. Because I sure will.
Take a look at the sticky for a live recent over-the-road review.


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