Any way to print addresses of Stops in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I would like to know if someone knows how to export or print out my addresses after putting in about 5-8 optimized stops. As an appraiser, I would like to print my route and make notes on the addresses (houses) I am taking pictures of.

Maybe new Streets & Trips 2011? I am still using 2009.
Hi, Flyerman, and welcome to the Forum!

Yes, what you want to do (at least as I am visualizing your proposal) is doable with you what you have now, although we don't know what Streets & Trips 2011 will bring.

I would suggest you create your optimized route and then copy the Driving Directions (right-click, 'copy directions' from drop-down menu) and then paste that into a spreadsheet program, Excel, etc. Now, just delete the unneeded lines that do not include the address data you want. You might want to delete the columns relating to time and distance, as well. You could also insert hyperlinks to the photos (assuming they are digital).

If this is not the sort of thing you had in mind, let us know.
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