How to Hide Found Places ("Nearby" Places) in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
Steve W
Having used Streets and Trips many years, I am just discovering all these information sources. It really helped getting my pushpins organized and the ability to hide them.

But in planning a long trip when I get with many pushpins and also found places like restaurants/campgrounds that I want to keep on the map, the pushpin sets I can hide in order to see the route when zoomed out. But the Found places will not hide, except individually clicking the top right-click menu item "show information" on each one. When I click instead the "hide ALL information" lower down in that same right click menu, the program locks up. I have 2010 edition, with XP.

Is there another way to temporarily conceal all the data balloons, and still be able to bring them back all at once?
Hi Steve W,

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Great question. How can I control all the pushpin data balloons at once rather than having to do it individually.

There is a couple of ways that I can think of:
1) right click on any open balloon and choose "Hide all information" (all pushpin balloons from all sets)
2) right click on the pushpin set name in the legends and overview pane and choose "Hide all pushpin information" (all pushpin balloons from selected set)
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Steve W
Yes, I found the pushpin sets hide or show as original post mentioned. But the restaurants and campgrounds found from searches "Find nearby places" have no such hide all in the legends pane.

They do have the right click menu selection to hide all, but the program locks up on that one, either for a pushpin or a "found nearby place" right click and "hide all information". My map has about 100 of these, 68 of which are also stops on the route. I have waited about 5 minutes to see if they go, but no, and there is no disc accessing going on so it seems to just lock-up, eventually closable through the red X which signals it is locked up and asks if I want to close immediately etc.
OK. Still trying to follow you here.

So you are not having any problems with the custom/imported POI collections but only with the built-in POI accessed from the "Find nearby places".

These two different types of POI have different properties, behaviors etc.

For the built-in POI, there is no way to open all the balloons in just a click or two. They must be opened and closed individually. Clicking the little 'x' in the corner of each balloon works for me.

I wasn't able to reproduce a lockup situation.
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