POI Mega File... where does it go?
When unzipping the POI Megafile, where in the Streets & Trips folders should it be placed? The tutorial doesn't address this. Then, where does it show up in the S&T menus?

Hi Brian [Pegleg]

Many have asked variations on this question. And there is not just one answer.

You may choose to simply save it to your desktop (or whereever you save your other saved map files) and when you want to use it - double click on it - S&T will launch with the POI megafile information all in place and ready to use.

Others choose to replace their default North America map template with the POI Megafile. This is how you can get the POI megafile to be launched every time you start S&T from the Start menu. Details on how to do that can be found here: 5 reasons to change your default map template | Streets & Trips Team Blog

Hope that helps.
The thing to understand is that the Megafile is just another map file. It can go anywhere, but it probably does not belong in the same folders as the Streets and Trips program.

When you plan a trip from Texas to New York and save that file, you probably call it something like TS2NY.est and save it in My Documents somewhere - right? So, that's where the megafile should go as well. When you want to use some of the pushpin sets in the megafile, you'll open POIMegafile.est instead of TX2NY.est

The megafile is not part of the Streets and Trips program - it will not show up in a menu anywhere. You 'File-Open' it like any other data file.

I use it is as a place where I can grab the pushpin sets I want. So, if I want the Walmart pushpin set in my TX2NY.est file, I'll open both the POIMegafile.est *and* the TX2NY.est. Then I'll copy the Walmart pushpin set from the megafile and paste it into my TX2NY file.
FWIW, sometimes I develop a fairly complex route and then think, "Oh shoot, I need the POI megafile." What I do in that case is export the route as a gpx file, then open the POI megafile and import my gpx file back into it. Works like a charm.
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